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Michelle Rubin, DMD, MS

Your Partner in Protecting & Saving Your Natural Teeth

Dr. Michelle Rubin

Dr. Rubin loves giving her patients hope and showing them that there is a way they can save their natural teeth to regain a healthy, attractive smile. She is very meticulous in everything that she does, whether she is talking to a patient, treating them, or following up to see how they are doing after a procedure. She’s ready to earn your trust at your first appointment and make sure that your smile’s best days are ahead of you.

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A Unique Approach to Periodontal Treatment


Dr. Rubin understands that she’s taking care of people, not just teeth and gums, so she’ll make you feel comfortable right from the beginning.

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Natural Vs Artificial

With Dr. Rubin, the solution is NOT just to replace your teeth, but rather save and protect the ones you already have.

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Advanced Periodontal Tools

Dental lasers make the periodontal treatment process more precise, more effective, and more comfortable at every step.

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Advanced Periodontal Services

Feeling Helpless
in Saving Your
Natural Teeth?

Have other dentists told you that it’s too late for your teeth? Think you need to have them all removed and replaced? Dr. Rubin is ready to show you that there is another way, one where you get to keep your teeth and renew your oral health.

Featured Services

Osseous Surgery

This procedure involves repairing damage to the bone that support your teeth in order to restore their foundation.

Bone Grafting

Suffering from bone loss? Dr. Rubin can help rebuild the weaker areas of your jaw so your teeth will stay rock-solid for decades to come.

Laser Scaling & Planing

Harmful bacteria and stubborn tartar can be quickly and completely removed thanks to fast laser scaling and root planing.

Cosmetic Gingivectomy

Is your smile not as bright as it could be because of your gums? Dr. Rubin can give your teeth the perfect frame so they always shine.

Chao Pinhole Technique

Using a hole literally the size of a pin, Dr. Rubin can gently restore receded gums without any incisions.

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Trusted by New Jersey Patients & Dentists Alike

“When it comes to Healthcare in general, Dr. Rubin is exceptional. She is informative (explains thoroughly), thoughtful (puts patient's best interest first) and considerate (works with your insurance favorably). Her personality is both entertaining and exhilarating which in turn helps the patients during a procedure. She is a professional who truly loves her work."

Luis V., NJ
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Dental Insurance & Financing

Making Periodontal Services Affordable

You don’t need to break the bank to get periodontal care. We accept most dental insurance plans and even have low-to-no interest financing options that can be tailored to your budget.

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State-of-the-Art Periodontal Technology

Instruments That Make a Difference

In order to provide world-class care, you need the right equipment. That’s why Dr. Rubin has invested in a soft-tissue laser technology, enabling her to deliver positive and predictable outcomes for every patient.

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